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  • All guests to check in at the Reception Office from 08h00, should the unit be available early. A R200.00 refundable breakage deposit per person needs to be paid on arrival.
  • On check in, a staff member will go with you through the inventory list, it should be signed. The person who made the booking, will be the responsible person for the chalet.
  • Chalets must be vacated at 11h00 on the day of departure. When you are ready to leave, you need to call the office and a person will be sent to check the inventory list. Deposits will be paid back after breakages have been accounted for. Once the inventory sheet has been checked and signed off, no one will be allowed back into the chalet.
  • Excessive dirty chalets will be reported and a daily fee of R250.00 per day will be applicable and deducted from all the guests occupying the unit. Chalet services will be done strictly between 08h00 and 15h00, services will continue even if guests do not vacate their rooms. Kitchen, dining area and bathrooms will be cleaned daily. Chalet towels are not to be used at the swimming pools.
  • For security and control reasons, each student will have an armband. It needs to be on your arm at all times, and will be checked throughout your stay as you are entering and leaving the Resort. A fine of R200.00 per lost armband will be charged.
  • ONLY the students who booked with Forever Resorts Loskopdam will have access to the Resort, NO visitors from other properties will be allowed, not even for day visiting. If we find trespassers on the Resort which did not pay, you will be charged for the total weekend and can be handed over to the SAPD.
  • Keep your valuables safe, it is your own responsibility.
  • Speeding, drinking and driving on the Resort will be dealt with in accordance with SA Traffic Laws. A driver of any vehicle must have a valid drivers’ license. No persons may be transported on the roof or bonnet of any vehicle. NO person under the influence of alcohol will be permitted to exit the Resort. Breathalyzers will be used by the gate security, and should one be over the prescribed alcohol limit, he/she will be prevented off going on the N11 Route. This is a precautionary rule which can save lives!
  • Unsociable and unhealthy behaviour will not be tolerated. If you get involved in any fight whatsoever, you will be put off the premises immediately. Damage to Resort property will result in immediate eviction of the premises under supervision and criminal charges may follow.
  • Our chalets have been upgraded recently with new furniture and equipment, please leave it in the condition you have found it as other guests also need to make use of it. Damage to Resort furniture and equipment will lead to immediate eviction of the premises and criminal charges will be laid.
  • No furniture to be taken out of chalets, use the patio furniture.
  • Medical assistance, life guards and security will be visible on the premises. Medical contact information will be displayed throughout the Resort.
  • No drugs will be tolerated on the premises, and matters which may occur will be handed over to the SAPD and parents will be notified. There will be Police visibility on the Resort from time to time.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking in the swimming pool is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not play on the kiddies equipment and jungle gyms in the Resort – it is meant for children only.
  • No fires on the ground and grass – please use the designated braai areas for fires.
  • There are hippos and crocodiles in the Loskop dam, therefore do not swim in the dam.
  • NO fireworks are permitted on the Resort.
  • We do have monkeys and baboons on the Resort. Please do not feed them and keep all chalet doors and windows closed. Do not leave food on the patios.
  • Although the chalets are serviced throughout the period, we would welcome your assistance in maintaining its cleanliness. Please save water and electricity where possible. Please respect our property and do not cause any damage to mirrors, toilets and buildings.

Think of others, respect the Resort and its staff and have a fabulous time!

Forever Resorts SA (Pty) Ltd. or any of their directors, officials, agents, employees or servants shall not be liable to any visitor to the Resort for personal injury to or death of any person or the loss of or damage to any property of whatever nature belonging to the visitor, howsoever arising or caused, and whether by reason or default or negligence of any of the said parties.

Loskopdam, A Forever Resort